In 2015, owner and creator, Ajike Player, set out to find products that were not only unique, but classy, tasteful, and remarkably eye-catching. Not only did Ajike search for products that could make women around the world feel empowered and beautiful, she searched for standout items that would be delicate and kind to sensitive skin. You see, Ajike comes from a long line of family diagnosed with eczema, a skin condition also referred to as "atopic dermatitis." This common skin condition causes skin discolorations, swelling, itching, and inflammation. She was tired of being unable to wear jewelry due to harsh breakouts and ugly marks left on her skin for long periods of time resulting from jewelry purchased at local retail stores. Ajike was certain there were millions of others around the world who were just like her that battled this very problem.

After many long hours and sleepless nights of research, Ajike finally gathered enough products to create her own collection of amazing jewelry. After finding her very own collection of beautiful, hypoallergenic pieces, she created what became known as A.S.P.'s Jewelry & Accessories.

A.S.P.'s Jewelry & Accessories officially opened for business in August 2015 and received many compliments on the diverse and high quality products at it's first event. The first large scale event for A.S.P.'s Jewelry & Accessories was the Magic City Classic (2015) as a vendor located in Birmingham, AL at Legion Stadium in October of that year. In the following two years, A.S.P.'s Jewelry & Accessories went on to participate in an African Heritage Show in Huntsville, AL, the Motor City Car Show in Pell City, AL, and a slew of other events such as fashion shows and bridal shows in the Birmingham, AL area. A.S.P.'s Jewelry & Accessories also became a regular vendor at Santuck Flea Market located in Wetumpka, AL.

In 2018, A.S.P.'s Jewelry & Accessories went on hiatus from participation in vendor events and other bookings for the majority of the year due to Ajike and fiance' welcoming their beautiful baby girl into the world in March 2018. However, during that time, Ajike could not avoid thinking of ways to re-invent herself and strategies to grow her business. She continued to brainstorm, research, and develop new ways to reach her goal of getting her products to men and women all over the country, and ultimately, the world.

In May of 2018, along with the help of her mother/assistant and support of family, Ajike made the decision to change the name of A.S.P.'s Jewelry & Accessories to The Gem Bar and coined the slogan "Let's Make a Statement." The Gem Bar is a name that Ajike thought best suited her business. She wanted to create a place where all men and women have a moment in the spotlight. Here at The Gem Bar, when a customer purchases one of our amazing statement pieces, whether it be a necklace, bracelet, scarf, or bow tie, he/she is guaranteed a chance to shine and sparkle! Our customers never miss an opportunity to turn heads with our awesome products and unique inventory, which are always priced just right for any budget. Whether you're going for a night out on the town or it's just a regular day at work, you will surely feel extravagant and look the part as well. We assure you that you won't find these amazing prices anywhere else. And to make our products even sweeter, how about looking great, with zero breakouts? Doesn't that sound fantastic?

Most importantly, at The Gem Bar, customer service is always our #1 priority. We always strive to give our customers an experience they'll never forget!

So take your time and navigate through our site. We have plenty for you to choose from. Please contact us with questions if you find yourself in need of any assistance. As always, thank you for being one of our valued customers. We look forward to serving you; it's our pleasure!

Disclaimer: Only the statement necklaces with felt/leather backing are deemed hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. These products are not 100% guaranteed to result in zero breakouts. Purchase and wear at your own risk. Seller is not responsible for damages caused if breakouts or skin irritations occur as a result of wearing items purchased from website.